About me

A little introduction into the eyes you’ll be reading through.

I’m a 26-year-old travel newb.
No, that’s not at all true. I’ve fooled around with plenty of Europe all my life; France, Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain, Scotland.
France and I even got pretty serious a few times. I moved there years ago to be an au-pair, but that only lasted a few months. Then again I moved there for a job last year, and stayed longer than intended that time, but still I was glad to come back home.
I left Europe once, to see my aunts in Canada. But I was only 11 then, and the furthest I went out without supervision was when my niece and I swam to the other side of the lake, 500 meters maybe. Or walked to the corner shop… yes, that must have been about 2 kilometres.
I did always say traveling was one of my greatest passions, and on my bucket list it specifically says ‘See each and every corner of this world.’
So I went and got myself a date with Southeast Asia, a quickie. The travel agency tried to convince me to book longer, but I had commitments that prevented us from spending more time together.

Either way, I’ll tell you all about that in time. First I wanted to make you understand more about the eyes you’ll be reading through.
I grew up the benjamin to 3 brothers in a loving home, in a little Hollywoodtown in the middle of a little country. ‘They’ say it’s build on freedom of speech and tolerance. In fact it is build on all these tiny little rules that frames out all opportunity.
I’ve never been a patriot. I’ve always been a rebel. I love the little controversions in life, and can harly ever resist kicking the system. I happen to always get myself into trouble and random situations.
My parents taught me to be trustworthy and to trust in the good in others. They taught me to be creative and explore the world around us. They taught me to have a critic eye but a smiling face.
They made a passionate person out of me.
I was send to an atroprosophical primary- and a public high school. I used to think I wanted to become a harpist, then a stewardess, then a French teacher. When I found out Interior Architecture is an actual profession, one could study, I knew that had been it all along. I studied it for four years but didn’t succeed. Long story.
So I decided to give up the steady, set, safe life and started to travel.
After three months I had to come home to reboot my budget. And that’s where you find me now, butchering my days away in an organic meatshop.
When you come back home from a long far trip, it’s great to see everyone again, really! But then comes that inevitable, dreadful question… Don’t ask me what it’s been like; I simply can not begin to describe it to you.
Well, here’s to me, trying anyway.

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