Day LXX – MAI 27, 2012

That fever was practically gone last night, but went up again this morning and my throat is worse again. Of course it didn’t help I still went out and drank and smoked like any other night last night.
Dear Koming got me a traditional cough syrup with herbs that worked like magic.
But I’m still feeling pretty damp, alone here in the dorm, in bed still at 11am, that shrunk back to the 4 beds it counted when I got here.

I promised Nyoman I’d buy some sarongs from her, so make my way to Bias Tugal anyway.
When I get to the top I find myself caught in a little rainstorm and hide out in an unfinished building for half an hour. It was supposed to become a hotel, but constructions were abandoned. Some say it’s because they didn’t have the right licenses, other’s say it’s because the grounds belong to spirits who wouldn’t budge. It’s even said people have died during construction, because they were messing with higher powers.

It’s the second sudden shower since I got here.
But then the sun’s comes out again. So it’s all good.
Chris has left for the day to get some camping gear in Kuta for a Rinjani-trekking, so it just Joe and me and some of the Pari family playing cards and sitting around.
At some point Josh comes over. Johs mainly hangs over at that other bar where more local boys hang. He was sent as a messenger, by ‘the musicians’ to request that I make an appearance. We have a laugh at that and I tell him “I would if they wouldn’t be too shy to come and ask me themselves.”
I probably still turned a little red there. I’m getting better at the whole social and flirting and all, but I’m still a tiny little shy girl deep down.
Sure enough it’s Gede who walks over a short while later. He invites me to go to another beach tomorrow, about 45 min away from here. I tell him I’m not sure if I’m going to be there, that I’ll can’t give him an answer before tonight, before I spoke with Chris about maybe going to Lombok.
Joe and I ended up staying with the Paris till way late. Dusk had already fallen when we make our way back into town. We still take that forest path, another thing I would most likely not have done back home, knowing about snakes and things – though back home we don’t have snakes, nor the steep hills with loose soil.
On the way we talk about Gede and how he’s being so friendly to me, wanting to take me places. I say “What’s the harm?” and Joe responds in an annoyed manner “Well he’s probably after some more. But hey, if that tickles your fancy…”

Not too long after I came in Gede shows up at Sunshine, and sits next to me for the rest of the night. He’s being too shy to actually flirt, but totally pulls the yawn-arm-strech classic and keeps wiggling his cap around and tries very hard to understand what I’m saying.
I think he doesn’t follow the majority though, of what is said between Josh, Steffi [Germany] the chicks at the next table and me. Then again, he got the whole conversation that went down in fast flowing Bahasa Bali between Koming, Wayan, Moman, Tude and himself that I didn’t.

Josh makes his grand exit, leaving town tonight, just in time to widness me finally finishing my project; on a much smaller table, but I did get it covered!
At some point dating locals comes up, and Josh says something like “These guys must get so lucky, all the pretty female travellers here, looking for a little exotic some-some.”
Then he says this other really funny thing: “You know who you look like? Kate Hudson!” What, again? And he keeps joking about it for the rest of the night. “Yeah, totally, in Almost Famous. You don’t know it? Whatch it!” *

Joe was having heaps of fun over with the boys, I’m sure, but when I checked in with him when going to the toilet he couldn’t resist making the remark “Finally, you left your seat.”
I don’t know if there is anything between us, or if I’m just imagining it. There are no real signs. Just this feeling I get every now and then. And if there would have been signs I would have been open to them. I could have liked him for more. But he never send out anything. Did he? Was this?
He does seem hostile towards Gede, but that might just as well be about the weird fee he asked us for. Anyway, he’s drunk now and I don’t know why he seems agitated tonight. It’s not like I’m always joining him on the dancefloor… I don’t know what to make of him tonight, so go back to my seat.

When I want to leave by 2am Gede gets up instantly to offer me a ride home. Koming makes a little attempt at sitting me down with him; he’d been so busy we hardly spoke all night. But I honestly need my sleep.
So Gede drives me home and asks me to sit down with him for a moment
“I want to ask you something.” Ok. “Do you like me? I really like you. Don’t go to Lombok, ok? Stay with me, live with me. I need you.” That last one makes me laugh, but it’s adorable at the same time. So I let him kiss me goodnight.

* When I tell my best friend about this she looks at me intensely for a minute or so, and says “… Yeah, I see it. Yeah!”

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