Day LXIII – MAI 20, 2012

sunset beach
My last day at Legian Beach. My last day on a board for probably a long while. I’ve gone through my booked lessons, but could still hitch a ride and borrow gear. But out in the water I’m on my own. There are still plenty of instructors out there who know me, and they still keep shouting pointers and are rooting for me.
But today there are also a lot more actual surfers. And a lot of swimmers, walking the shoreline with their kids, despite this certain area of the beach being destined for surfers only. Really annoying too, especially since I stay on the inside still, so I ride close to the beach. Many times when I finally have a balanced stance, I have to jump off so I won’t kill a kid. So I don’t get the good nor the bad waves…

After a week of luxury it’s time to hit the road once more. A last time eastwards. Next stop: Padangbai. I’ve been very curious about meeting this town and the friends of my sister-in-law, whose parents own a house there. She’s been sweettalking me about this town for some time and put me in contact with a friend through facebook. So I’m really looking forward to finally going there.

The Gillies are budget wise probably no longer an option, not this time around. So once again I must come to the conclusion; this is just a teaser, I’ll have to come back with a proper amount of time and money on my hands.

Today I went back to Legian Beach Inn where we were last the other day. Emma and I decided to share the room after all. So I came to book it.
Now the landlord tells me he doesn’t feel like cleaning up the room and won’t take us just for the one night. “Look, it’s Sunday, I don’t work today, I had a ceremony this morning and now I’m going to the beach. Why don’t you just stay where you are now, ok?”
So all trouble for nothing.
One of the girls from behind the counter at RipCurl even let me borrow her scooter to go over. That was funny, they all looked like “Can you drive this thing?” And then when I came back and told about how the controller at the end of the street made me pay a parking fee despite me telling him I’m with RipCurl, they laughed me square in the face.

Luckily Elisabeth could help me out with that last night. Emma booked an extra night in the villa, but that’s 350.000 rph, so €35,- and way out of my budget. Elisabeth will arrange a bed for me in the staff area.

Emma and I are lying by the pool when Made, one of the women on staff, comes over to put one of those offering baskets near us, splashes some water on it with a flower and says something to someone, I couldn’t hear or understand. There is so much beauty in this culture I still have to learn about! I hadn’t seen them standing at that specific spot before, so I’m thinking it might be a safeguarding for us on our further travels.

Dinner at Echo Beach Restaurant. It was a bit out of line for me financially, 75.000 rph. But the food was really great. Elisabeth had arranged for a grilled seafood platter with shrimp and prawn and all sorts of spicy fish, and there’s a salad buffet with a broad fresh yet spicy pallet. I never eat much, but I go back for a second helping on this one. Glad I did come!
And of course it was nice to have a special last night all together on a beach terras, overviewing the ocean one last time on this side of the island.

It’s only 9.30 when I find myself in bed. Just a simple spring mattress on the tiled floor of a 3 m2 room with concrete walls and a bamboo roof. I got two pillows and brought my new sarong for a blanket.
Still, pretty good for a free bed.
So this is where the locals who serve the rich live…
Ai, mosquito. I should best strap in tight in my sarong, hope it won’t poke through and go to sleep. The first roosters started crowing already.

By the way, sarongs are to be bought in Indonesia; 1) you won’t find them elsewhere 2) or if you do you’ll be ripped off. The one I found after a long search, in Siem Reap cost me $8 after lots of haggling. Here you see them on every street corner and 25.000rph is considered fair price.

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