Day LXII – MAI 19, 2012

Today we were supposed to go to a different spot, out in the ocean near Sanur, but conditions were too harsh out there, so it’s just Legian beach again. Conditions there are really good, the waves are really nice, and I ride them like I can actually surf, swooshing left and right. Awesome!

Tonight we have a sort of barbecue; on the buffet table many dishes of grilled meats and fish are set out. Some of the instructors came over to dine with us.
But, as Elisabeth explained it to us, they’re too shy, so they come in late, eat after we’re already done and mostly sit together. But the beers seem to help them relax and in a little while they do mingle and make jokes with us. One of them knows black magic and plays some funny cardtricks to us.
They seem to really like that, playing little tricks with cards and matches. Sit always did that as well, and Det…

Balinese seem even more keen on having laughs. The girls, or I should say, the women that work at the villa, those surfinstructors, the people in the warungs, in shops, on the street; the Balinese in general seem so giddy and happy! It’s beautiful, and very contagious.

Another week unpacked went by too fast. Time to put that drawer and the two storage baskets I filled back into my bag. Everybody is going out in Seminyak tonight, but I’m not feeling it, so stick to packing and an early night. The last one in this luxurious bed before I return to the unknown.

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