Embrace the hangover

Day LIX – MAI 16

I wake up with a jolt; pick-up was at 8am this morning. I look at my clock. 10am! SHHT!
I look around. Everyone is still here. Phew…

I’m too shocked to go back to sleep so I go out. At the outside table I find 2 others from different rooms having breakfast. Ketut made us her heavenly pancakes anyway; sweet, dude!

By now the place is fully packed with, in my room: Emma, James, Magnus [Norway] and that Danish guy. Then Camille [Denmark], Lotte [NL], Elianne [NL] and Joel [Portugal, pro surfer] upstairs, Lisa and Viktor, the Swedish couple in one cabin and Peter, Joran and the other big boss in the other, and another Dutch couple, Arthur and Annemieke staying at a homestay around the corner.
Since the big bosses arrived, the guys that set up the whole La Point camps, the overall language has switched to English. Except for there are now more Dutch speaking their own language in their little stuck-up accent.

Other than the Dutch girls everybody is having a hangover day by the pool.
It’s one of those hangover, where last night keeps flashing by. But despite the bad music –not as bad as other places I was before though- and all those expensive drinks and the foam party and stuff; it was actually a lot of fun.
And it’s a lot of fun, despite my own head hurting like hell, to watch everybody having a hard time recovering, drinking coke and eating chips and we’re all making fun of each other.

To turn this day into an awesome day after all we go horseback riding in the afternoon. We take a cab to the horse club where the stable boys are just saddling our horses. They walk with us, holding the less experienced riders.
When we get to the beach they tell the ones of us that do want to gallop; Elisabeth, Emma and me, we’re free to go now. Horses prefer being in a herd, so we have a little trouble breaking loose from that. And they do find the water a little scary, but once they understand they get to run, we’re off.
I never rode on the beach before. And we timed it perfectly; the sun is slowly setting into the sparkling ocean under a pink sky and some surfers are bobbing out there to catch the last waves of the day. The perfect scenery to be galloping down a Bali beach!
I only now realize that a while back I had a dream, one of those I remembered if only vaguely. I think it was even when I was still back home. I was horseback riding with friends, but I couldn’t really tell who, didn’t know them well enough or something? You know how it can be in dreams. And then my horse tried to make a run with me, skip off the beach into an alleyway, but I pulled it back.
Now I know this sounds like a load of horsecrap, but this exact thing happens, how crazy is that?
My riding skills are still well enough to take control over my horse when she takes that turn, making me feel even better about this whole experience. Awesome!

This night we have dinner at Deus Ex Machina. Was good too.
There’s live music; a guy playing guitar and a girl singing. And they’re really good! It reminds me of my girl Michelle in a few years time. She is going to have such an awesome time on road that way!

When we come back from dinner the big bosses who left early, are already in the pool. So we join them for some late night fun and chalenges like who can walk the furthest on their hands etc.

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