Boring bus days part I don’t know

Day LV – Mai 12

My alarm wakes me much too early and I try to hide in Amir’s arms. But my boat will leave in an hour so we kiss and hug goodbye.
Before I get on that boat I already regret not exchanging any contact details. At least I have my sore lips to remember him by.

Goodbye Turtle Island. Now I’m going to say a few mean things about you to make the people at home feel better or just for the hack of sarcasm, but I really did have a great time with you and you are truly beautiful!
It’s just that other than diving there really is nothing to do here. It’s pretty small so you can easily walk the distance of the main beach where you find nearly all the establishments. But the other beaches and viewpoints are too far, and it’s too hot to bike there. I heard some nasty scamming stories on bike rental too, people having to pay 9.000b to mobsters for scratches they didn’t inflict etc. The taxies are too expensive for those little rides. It’s an island so everything is pretty expensive anyway. The seawater is too warm. And then there is the reef that shall not be crossed.
I found out too late about Nan Yang, a little island out there that might offer some good swimming and has a ferry service at 200b for return 10am – 4pm.
But in hindsight I think I’d been better off trying Koh Phagnan. Ah well, next time!

I sit on the front deck again, where it’s nice and windy. And I do apply a lot of sun block. But when we transfer at Koh Phangan I have to admit I’m pretty burned and sit inside the rest of the way.

At the harbour we’re ushered onto a bus that takes us to a strange back-alley bus station in Surat Thani.
“Phuket?!” We have to wait at a little restroom where the manager sitting behind his desk with his big book asks each of us to come by one by one. When I tell him I need to go to the airport he offers me a service: for 200b extra they’ll drop me off there, though it’s on the way. I tell him I’ll think about it, which pisses him off.
I sit back down and it turns out 2 others are on the exact same flight as me. The big man tries to convince us, but one of my fellow travellers is certain we could get a tuktuk from town for no more than 40b each, so we keep refusing him and he keeps being unfriendly to us. This peninsula just might have seen too many tourists.

Eventually we’re picked up by a minivan. The driver has a few arrants to run. Which is fine by me, and as I’m the one sitting next to him we joke a bit.
The passengers in the back are not amused though, and ask our driver when he stops for a second time and gets up, lights a cigarette “Can we just go please?” Our driver gets very agitated by this. He does get in and drives off, but speeds so much that after a dangerous curve, makes a little prayer and calms down.
He becomes friendly to me again and offers me a strange fruit he’s got lying on his dashboard.
I carefully try negotiating a stop over at the airport, but he still wants money and starts at the same 200b that unfriendly man did.

When we stop for dinner me and the others that are on the flight look at the map with him and try again, but only get him down to 100b each. Tired from fighting we agree, and we’re dropped at the airport by 10pm.
Our flight leaves at 6.45am, so we’ve got a considerable amount of time to kill. Luckily one of them has a laptop with many movies.

By now my burns hurt so bad I quickly run into the pharmacy before it closes to get me some of that wonderful aloë vera aftersun.

We get our boarding passes at the self-check-in and find a comfortable place with a power socket, and settle in for Beauty And The Beast. One of the security guys –we sort of stole their post- sits down to watch with us.
By 4am we make our way to check-in. We grab another quick nap while waiting for boarding. And as we’re seated on different sides of the plane, that’s goodbye.

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