And then there was Bali

villa tuego
Day LVI – Mai 13

We had a thick layer of grey matter to fall though before landing, but down here it looks bright and sunny.

A friendly young man was sent to pick me up and take me to the villa. Not exactly what I’d expected when I booked this surfcamp…
On the way there I keep being amazed by beautiful Bali with it’s bright colours and adorable little houses, fat dogs running the streets and pet shops. By now I’m completely used to dogs and chickens and what not running wild over the street and everywhere. But nowhere had I seen them being kept as pets?!

But it is a villa, my god!
Villa Tuego: a wooden gate slides open and Elisabeth [Norway], the lady of the house and surferchick, is there to welcome me to a fancy garden with a freshly cut lawn, a pool with restory loungechairs around it, a big Buddha statue, and inside the very modern and minimalistic layout, a ps3, wii, wifi, fulltime staff including a cook, a maid and a mr fix-it-all, a bedroom with luxurious bunk beds and a massive hot shower. Now I see why this week is costing me €417,-

It’s very quiet here now, so I put down my backpack, pick a bottom bed and take a shower. I should really catch up on some sleep but being inside still feels like a waste, so instead I daydream by the pool.
Two [Dutch] guys that we’re in the camp last week stopped over and have all these awesome stories to share and get me really stoked about the waves tomorrow. I can’t wait!
A little later Emma and James [Sweden] come back from surf to stoke it up some more.

I’ve been covering myself in that Aloë Vera aftersun, and it is a miracle crème; the red has as good as turned brown!

The dinner we’re served is just amazing! Several different sorts of rice and meats, springrolls and other fried little goods. And for the first time since I left home kecap is back on the table. How I’ve missed that stuff!
My body doesn’t agree with food much today though. So I send myself to bed early.

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