I could take a million photos

Day LIV – Mai 11
The dreamy blue ocean, softly rolling back and forth, making the most beautiful patterns in that reversed-water-shadow, and of the white silk rippled sand, of the leftovers of last nights tide, of the little fisher boats and taxies waiting just offshore, gently bobbing their heads, of this terribly cute Thai kid in her beautiful dress busy building her fortress, of the swaying palm trees giving a little line of shelter from the unforgiving sun that makes even the sky look pale.
But it’s no use. You’ve seen those pictures in those brochures. And other than of course this is the best island ever, it’s just like any other bounty island.
tao beach
I treat myself on a wildly expensive breakfast at the western chain bakery and have my 3rd fruit shake today. A very special one, called berry breeze, dark red with ingredients I haven’t seen in a long time: strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry; mighty tasty. And I just had this craving for grilled cheese sandwich. For anything with cheese you have to go to those western dinners, and then still that’s no guarantee. Not very cheesy in this case; I was probably off just as good with the 30b thing they have at 7/11. Ah well, the shake is still heavenly.

I had to move to Koh Tao Backpacker because my roommate and I only got the bungalow for 2 nights and he’s found himself a house – he’ll be staying a lot longer with his course and all.

I make some new friends in my new dorm room though, and we go to the promised barbecue/pool party at Davie Jones together. Promised by the hostel. Turns out they lied.
So with my new friends -3 girlfriends who met a while ago in Aus and the brother of one of them- we look for a barbecue further down the road. We find a really nice place overlooking the ocean and I accidentally get a free beer.

At some point they say this really funny thing: “How come all Dutch girls are so pretty?” Even the girls are saying it, “Yes, they all have this beautiful tan and blond hair. What, don’t you let ugly people out?” “You know, we have this bracelet for them…”*

We visit another happy hour at a shabby looking joint where I play the worlds worst game of pool with James. After one drink the girls retire, but I drag James along to Lotus bar again for more free buckets.
And what do you know, we run into Amir and his buddies; 3 more made it over tonight.
Soon enough we’re cuddled up again, and poor James who’d put on a sulky face, calls it a night.
This beach table makes a quieter seat and while we watch the fire dancers play and tease the lady in front of us that finds them terribly scary, we talk. He’s from Birmingham, his mom’s from Ukraine and his dad from North Africa. He’s a graphic designer, he’s very much into hiphop, he used to have a ‘fro but shaved it before coming here and now he can’t stop playing with his DC cap. He can’t stop smiling when he’s drunk and he can’t stop drinking once he starts. And it’s such a cute smile too! There’s nothing about this guy I don’t like. Especially how he keeps putting his cap on my head – call me weird but I just find that so romantic.
His buddy moved to another room so he invites me back to his place. When we walk by the Poolbar he stops “Sambucatime!” When we walk by another pumping club he stops again “One more drink?” Good thing because I need to visit the little ladies room. And finally I get my period. Great timing, thanks guys.
We get to his place, have a smoke on his balcony and soon move in to his cool room. I put on some José James and he’s like “But this is sex-music?” With the AC softly humming we snuggle up close all night.

*This one needs a little explaining by now. It was at the time the euthanasia-bracelet was a big deal

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