Lazy days, heavy nights

lotus bar
Day LIII – Mai 10

I pull off sleeping in until 10am. My roommate has already left for his diving course.
I go out to the beach and try to get deeper in the water through a path between the coral, but even that’s impossible. I remember the urchin and decide to just stick to the hot kiddie pool. There’s no one else out here but a few runners(?!).
Luckily I mastered the skill of smearing my own back. So I do a little reading, a little writing, a little napping…

The sun, on my slowly browning skin; it’s hard to see in this brightness, but when the sun lights my hairs golden and the white silklike sand sticks to my skin it’s easy to see.
A breeze to make the heat endurable, I lay with my head on my arms and peak through over my bright pink and purple shaded sarong to the blanket of sand and it’s gentle bobs where the tide last touched it, and the millions of diamonds sparkling, hidden in there. Little piles of fish poop and other tiny hills break the landscape. Even brighter sparkles the ocean, just a little further ahead, as she rolls in and out, softly whispering. Farther more are some boats, waiting for their next trip out there. The sky, blue as ever, fills the background with some white and grey mountains. And then I notice a slight burning on my legs and back; turn. And that’s all I do, all day.

(Oh and damn you Shannon, and your broken condom. I’m a week late now and I told you I am not having your baby!)

After dinner I convince my roommate to come out for a drink even though he says he should study. “Ok, just that one free bucket then.”
With 5 minutes left we rush over to Lotus Bar, a veranda build over the beach. There we meet 2 more UKs, Amir and his friend whose name I don’t remember.
We have a lot of laughs and many more drinks than my roommate intended, as the ocean comes closer and closer until there’s no beach left. The DJ is doing a very nice job and everyone is dancing on the veranda that is now hanging over the water. We decide it’s more fun to dance in the tide, with the plankton sparkling blue for discolights. More people follow, and soon enough the first go in for an actual swim. Naked; why not?
By midnight my roommate leaves us for his bed, and Amir goes back to his hotel to pick up more money. His friend is pretty pissed by now so we sit down for a bit.

I have to find the toilet so tell him to stay put. He promises.
Of course, when I come back he is nowhere to be found. I do however find Amir with a fresh bucket of which he shoves a few straws in my face, “Help me drink this!” If you insist.
“I’m a little drunk and usually I’m much too shy to say these things, but I think you’re really beautiful.” I find that worth a kiss. And he seems to agree, passionately.

When the bar closes we start walking up, but somehow I get it into my head we should go back for a dive. The beach is practically empty now so we rid ourselves of most our clothes and walk into the violent tide and make out while the ocean tosses us around under a starry sky. Just that was romance enough for one night, so we get dressed, kiss each other goodnight and part to both go to our own beds.

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