Happy birthday to me

Dear followers,

Today is the one-year-and-one-month (oops, thought it was November instead of October) anniversary of MeerTells. During this year I haven’t even begun to thank you for supporting and motivating me to share my travel tales. So I want to take the time to do that now.
You have made it worth it for me! And even though I haven’t addressed you personally, every single one of you who clicked that follow-button made my heart jump with excitement. Thank you all very much!

Some of you have been reading along for a long time, as I first set foot in Thailand, made my way through Laos and raced through Vietnam one-and-a-half years ago, when I first scribbled all this down in torn notebooks.
Others have only just joined me here in Bali where I suddenly find myself on a new path towards -excusez le mot- enlightenment.
So also I’d like to explain a little further how MeerTells is built up.
rooftop bar hanoi


An intimate traveljournal of how a young woman on the road alone encounters friendship, romance, all sorts of outstanding adventures and daily rarities.

This was my first solo backpacking trip. I started writing it as a journal, but along the road learned of bloggers, writers, who make their travel-money doing just this, and the story developed in such a way I decided to raise this site. I don’t yet make any money off it, but I hope eventually it can somehow support me in my travels.
What I mean to share with you is the entire experience of solo backpacking, the differences between cultures, how you meet so many people. For those who have not yet traveled to understand why they just have to do it. And for those who know of what I speak to keep memories warm, and travel again reading through my eyes.

I did a trekking near Chiang Mai.
I went to Laos to do the Gibbon Experience, before traveling down to lovely Luang Prabang and crazy Vang Vieng where I had some of the best days of my life.
I did the bustour from Hanoi to Saigon, after seeing Halong Bay of course, and decided I’d have to come back to this beautiful country to emerge in it on a bike.
I volunteered in Samroang in Northern Cambodia, teaching the cutest kids English. And my were they eager to learn! An amazing experience. And of course, while there, I visited Angkor Wat, one of the most amazing buildings of human time.
What I still have left to tell you is of my bounty beachbreak in Koh Tao.
Then I did a surf camp in Canggo and later met myself a family in another quiet corner of Bali.
I experienced a rather heavy aftermath, and my PTD (post-travel depression) lasted no less than half a year. This, as much as the booking and preparations for such a trip I find just as much worth it to share.

Lyon life

Than I planned to tell you more of previous abroad experiences, like when I worked in Lyon for half a year. Sorry, that one’s still on the waiting list.



And in all places I visited I found hostels I’d like to give some extra publicity, just because they’re run by such excellent people. And anyone in this end of the world can do with a little extra.
And like any traveler I like to share my experiences and recommendations.
bias tugel

Destanation: indefinite

And so now I’m back on the road, starting where I left off last time, in mellow Padangbai. This time nothing planned, I left with just a one-way ticket and some pocketmoney to get me through the first few months. Destination: indefinite.

Travel of the Mind

For something different:
As solo travel is the best teacher in life, and Asia, Bali in particular are such spiritual places, I found travel of the mind another write-worthy topic.

Especially in the last, but in all I’d love to get you involved and hear your thoughts!
But I’m already very grateful you find my words worth reading and let me share it all with you. And I don’t know if it’s beer-o’clock yet at your end of the world. But I feel like I’ve been working pretty hard these last few days, so I’m going to have me a beer and toast to myself, just because I can. Cheers, proost, santé, ting-ting!

With love from Bali.

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