Coming to Koh Tao

koh taoDay LII – Mai 9

At 3 am we’re rashly awoken; “Champorn, Koh Tao, Koh Pahgnan, Koh Samui! Get off now.” And we’re dropped in the middle of the street with the 26 of us.
I have a little moment of stress when I can’t find my boat ticket anymore and am threatened with having to buy a new one, but the third time I look it’s there, in my wallet.
Half an hour later a big truck comes to take us all to the harbour, where we have to wait for another 3 hours. Just enjoy the sunrise, I suppose.

Since we’re at the office, and they tell me tickets will be more expensive on the islands –sounds plausible- I arrange for my way back to mainland, to Phuket.
I need an ATM first though, so the guy that just dropped off the ice is asked to take me to the one in town in his sidecar. It’s just 6 am now but already everybody is up and about. Nice to get this little peak in most tourist will never see!

A little update on the nationalities abroad 1) French 2) Germans 3) UKs 4) Dutch. People have been saying to me they’ve met so many Dutch on the road and I have to start admitting to it. Ever since my 2nd time Bangkok I’ve been hearing them a LOT.

The sun is well up by the time we sail out. This ferry is much nicer than the one to Terschelling –one of the Dutch Islands- I can’t imagine otherwise than that Koh Tao must be much nicer too. And cheaper, even the bungalows compared to those chalets you can get in Holland. I only just got reminded by the bobbing and the breeze… But of course it already starts with the much nicer sun here on the front deck.
Up there I meet a guy, and we decide to find a bungalow together:”‘;’. We find one near the end of the beach. And as soon as we dropped our bags we go out for a dive.

The beach truly looks like paradise.
The water out here is very shallow and therefore quite warm. And the reef goes a long way, but we try to swim across it anyway. It’s too shallow too, so just 3 meters in, we decide the better of it and come out both with cuts and bruises on our legs and arms.
2nd attempt: we climb some rocks on the far end to find some deeper water. It’s still a tricky walk through some more shallow water but at least there’s less reef here, and the actual swim behind it is very nice!
When we get back to the rocks we see an urchin, the one with the poisonous spikes. Lucky we didn’t step in it!

We sunbath a little and then discover the island a little further. There is this one long line of beach and that’s the side where all the action is, all the stores, restaurants and bars are. Then there should be some more beaches but you can’t reach those by foot.

Back at the bungalow I’m up for a nasty surprise when I do some unpacking. Someone went through my bag. You hear that happens on night busses. The damage isn’t too big, nothing of real value, just sentimentals like those elephant earrings and the bracelets I bought in Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang. And the necklace Jap gave me years ago, my iCharger and –how ironic- the little travel Buddha Mies gave me to keep from harm.

After dinner we grab some beers at the 7/11 and take them to the beach. There’s hardly any sand left so we just sit in the water, super nice.
At some point he thinks he might as well give it a try and kisses me. With him I’m not feeling that at all though so I ask him if we can just keep at friends. “Oh yeah sure” he says, but things do get a little awkward…

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