Goodbye Siem Reap

Day L – Mai 7

We try sleeping in but it’s just no use. We’re on our way to breakfast by 10am. Otherwise we have the calmest day.
We try Aqua but they’re closed today because something went wrong with cleaning and now the pool is green.
But there’s a pool in Siem Reap Hostel you can use as long as consuming. It’s semi-indoor, but with this heat it’s nicer to be in cooled areas anyway. Plus they serve great burgers and make a splendid iced tea. I can very much recommend this place.

In the evening we collect our knapsack, oreo’s and other necessities, for we’re both bussing out of here tonight, and go for dinner at a farther out local food shack and some last beers at Garden Village.

Then it’s time to, after three days of a lot of fun and Dutch, say goodbye, and I’m on the road alone once more.

My pickup is at 2am and until then I sit in an as good as empty rooftop bar, wasting some time online and writing thank you notes to those sweet friends that helped me out filling the HCMC-robbery gap in my budget. Honourable mention goes to mum and dad, Wendy, Michelle, Siebrand and Carmen, Daniel and Melchior! And of course to Jasper who’s been my sugar daddy these past few days.

I put my backpack behind the counter and actually encounter some trouble getting it back, since I didn’t get a tag, but my bag now has one… I finally convince them it is mine just in time to climb onto a truck that takes me to another of those silly Cambodian night busses with a TV show on.

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