Reunion time

Day XLVIII – April 5

In proper local manner we drive off; the trunk too stuffed to close it, the 3 of us stuffed in the back and 2 more passengers in the front next to the driver.

When we get to Garden Village Guesthouse again, my long time friend Jasper is already sitting there. And it is good to see a familiar face, to meet a good friend from back home to share a little taste of Asia with. We spend the day strolling around and catching up.

In the evening we meet Pat and Rikke again to try the Khmer BBQ at the food plaza. It’s a sort of flipped-over colander with a gaslight under it, a soup and vegetables floating around it, and then you get a plate of different meats to grill on there yourself. It’s a lot of hassle for a little food, but it’s fun and tasty!

Back at Garden Village it’s reunion time again; I see Lara and Cain, the Welsh couple, saying hello to Rutger, the other Dutch in Spicy Laos Luang Prabang that tried to hide his nationality so much he ignored me as much as I ignored him.

When I’m telling my stories here I keep wondering how to put it; I or we. How do I say that really? I was with people that were briefly my friends and facebook gives this false illusion of staying in touch but of course you won’t in fact ever see each other again and will go on to go your own ways and live your own lives on different sides of the world again.

Jasper and I finish our last beers –he keeps gloating over my newly adapted drinking habbit; I only learned to drink beer here in Asia- in the rooftop bar around 1 o’clock. The noises die around 3 and this rowdy bunch comes in at 4; that’s backpacker budget hostels for ya.
jap angkor

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