Khmer heat and cravings and weddings

class and me
Day XLV – April 2

I caught a tiny little gecko that was walking over my toothpaste, exactly the size I would want that tattoo to be. Is it a sign?

After yesterday’s shower things seemed to have cooled down, even this morning. But the sun has reclaimed his throne in the blue and taken over temperatures. I’m too tired to even teach today…

But it ends up being a fun day like all the other ones. We’re teaching about emotions, drawing smileys on the board and acting out the faces. The kids are having a hoot at it, and learn us the Khmer translation in return.

A sandwich with cheese, just Dutch cow-cheese. And mayonnaise. And ham. On a baguette. Not the fluffy ones they have here, but a crunchy French baguette. Like the ones I made in Lyon all the time. With a chipolata sausage and onion and grilled zucchini and selery salad. Or a rice cracker with proper Dutch peanut butter. And nutella. And a stroopwafel. But most of all just chocolate. Can’t find any real chocolate anywhere.
Cravings for your native cuisine; they’re bound to happen when you’re away for a longer period. (And it’s got noting to do with my being late.) But that doesn’t mean I’m not still loving the local dishes!

There’s an explosion of weddings going on. Leak explains to us it’s because everyone here gets married between January and May. There are both religious and traditional reasons for it, but mostly it’s because of rainy season. And rainy season is about to break, so every day there are a few weddings, squeezed in right before it.
By the sound of it they start at 5am, they take over 24 hours each and they’re very loud. It sounds like a festival sounds from the campingsite.

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