Back when in Cambodia

Day XLIII – April 30

Getting ready for another weeks work.
It’s just Patrizia and me today; the rest of them have gone on a little day trip to Wat Preah Vihar – a very ancient temple, older even than Angkor Wat, near the Thai border, that’s been under dispute for decades. No more than 2 years ago the Thai were dropping bombs on Cambodia claiming the temple is theirs. Too bad the whole trip was 60$ so too expensive; it would’ve been cool to see.
It almost seems like all of Samraong is having a bit of a Monday morning; things seem quieter than normal.

In school today we’re teaching about diseases and aches. We act them out for the kids to guess our symptoms and they find it hysterical! Once they get it, we ask them to show us what ‘sore throat’ etc looks like. It takes a moment, but eventually most of them really participate!
At the start of each class we quickly repeat the lessons we handled before, and overall it stuck very well. Gives us even more a feeling like we’re actually making that little difference you do this volunteering for!

I’ve found myself warming up to the idea of – what I said before I left home, would be a very stupid thing to do – getting ink done, here, in Asia. This trip is definitely something I’d like to eternalize for the rest of my life. And I’ve seen plenty of them done here that have turned out perfectly fine. So why not?

Apparently this is the night of the one-day flies.
As I was applying some after shower moisturizer to try and save my very dry skin and in hopes of turning the red into brown, a huge bunch of those bugs that won’t harm people but are quite big and keep flapping around the light so nervously, gathered in my room. I’m hoping to drive them out by turning off the light, on the fan, closing the door and go to the balcony.
But we have a light up there as well, on the ceiling. Still, sitting in the chairs or even on the ground is impossible, it’s that crowded.
So back to my room I go to find refuge inside my net with my torch. I’ve closed my window now but they still seem to come in through the cracks of the walls, and a first one made it through the net, so lights out and an early night it is.

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