A day at Siem Reap

Day XLII – April 29

Only now are we discovering the rooftop bar at Garden Village and it’s great coffee and breakfast for a good price, right here in the hostel! Good to remember for next weekend anyway.
And there’s a little meowing black cat walking around that throws herself at my feet the way my own cat does. She looks clean enough so I let her sit on my lap and feed her some of my pancake. She purring and cozing up just like of one of my own cats, and reminds me how much I do miss my babies!

Rikke isn’t fit to go out yet, so Patrizia and I search for this swimming pool Lonely Planet talks about. The first few tuktukdrivers we ask, don’t know what we’re talking about. But then a mototaxi asks us if he can give us a ride and since it’s just the two of us we should fit on his backseat, so why not?
This guy says he knows the place, but when we end up on a dustroad farther than it could possibly be, we have to urge him back.
“No, no, I know, I know. Ok, I ask yes?”
He asks a local that’s chilling in his garden with his cute little kids, and indeed points us back.
A few minutes later we walk through the gates of a place called Aqua.
It’s ran by a Brit named John that welcomed us and put on some Feist; nice. The water is warm, there are many leaves and dead bugs floating in it, my chair is broken and just to get in you pay 2,50$ already. But the fresh lemon juice is delicious. Necessary too; only 5 minutes out of the water, and I’m literally dripping with sweat again.

Finally, here it is, some serious tanning time! I’ve been getting burned a bit, like that time in Hue, and I do have to apply sun block every time I go out, still. But this is the first time I’m actually sitting down to get rid of those tanlines from shirts and shorts. Of course I sweat so much, the sunblock’s gone in a second and I do get burned again.

At 4 o’clock a taxi picks us up at the hostel and drives us back to Samraong. Nice to come home like that. But I also very much enjoyed being back in backpackerlife for the weekend!
Back at the Ya residence the wind picks up during dinner and by the time we retire to our balcony it’s another mind-blowing storm out there so I spend a few hours with my cam, trying to capture some of that lightning. You might know how hard that is to do. And when you see the shots I did get you get a little bit of an idea of the magnitude of these storms.

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