What happened?

[A little ode to Sublime is in order to get you in the Vang Vieng state of mind]

Day XXI – April 8

A bright sun pokes through the cracks of our little bamboo shack.
Why am I up before 7am? I went home early, but that was after midnight still, wasn’t it?
I’m afraid turning over isn’t going to do the trick either…

Recapturing last night: I rode a tuktuk back to town with the same girls around 9 o’clock. Good thing too.
Finally took that shower. Then Dave made me a drink some tea on the porch.
We went out for dinner but I didn’t feel like a whole plate, so didn’t order any. Rob and Ramsey [another Scottish] fed me, as we discussed, what, a threesome? (Nothing serious of course) Another guy gave me a very good massage while Dave ordered a big bottle of water and shoved it my way. He also ordered a bucket though, to reverse the effect.
And another one when we got to the island, which I ended up basically drinking all by myself.
But that was it, wasn’t it? I left for bed first of us all I think.

Couldn’t find my toothbrush or anything in the mess of my net, and still have to locate my bikini top – no no, I took it off when I went to take that shower and just threw it in the general direction my bed somewhere, is all – but other than that I think I’m good.
Got a few new bruises of course, but that happens every day out here, the way we live outside and play rough.

This girl in the next room just woke up and didn’t realize you hear every single thing through these walls. She went on and on about how drunk she still was, and then we all heard her barfing.
So, this is Vang Vieng. And that is falang.

Before, I though that the most disgusting place I’d peed was in the freeshow/ladyboy-bar in Chiang Mai, where I got my feet wet with all the dirt on the floor.
But a new champion has arisen! It is right here, where all the drunk westerners have to squat. It got so slippery at some point that I fell. EEW! Luckily I was already on my way out and they were just cleaning so they could hose me down with some fresh river water.
Those who have been to Vang Vieng know the water itself is disgusting and full of diseases and what not, but hey, we all drank from it at some point or another… I mean, you know how the buckets are cleaned right? You didn’t? Well now you do. Cheers!

So, a day in Vang Vieng is spent getting up and over a hangover. When you’ve done so, well after noon, making your way up the river to the first bar about 3 km out of town, playing (drinking)games, getting drunk (again) trying to get a few bars further than yesterday.
At last, going back to town for a change, maybe preceded by a sober-up-shower, a late dinner and heading out to the islands in the middle of town, where all the clubs are; Bucket bar, Reggae-Reggae bar, Smiley bar etc, going crazy all night long, and hopefully finding your way back to your own bed in one piece.

The other night I heard of a girl who had been here for eight months already. I couldn’t do it if they paid me – and that’s apparently what people that end up here do; they work. The pro’s of working here, or so I hear, are that you get your accommodation, free drinks and drugs, and about 70.000k paid per day.
But for now, I am having fun.

Lesson learned: If you have dixiefobia… well, you’d better get over it quick and get used to squatting, no seats, no toiletpaper and flushing with a bucket.

(All photo-credits for this post go to Dave Misrack, thanks buddy!)

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