Lull in Luang Prabang

Day XIX – April 6

Today everybody who hasn’t left yesterday is going. I still have to wait another day for that pre-booked Straybus I’m stuck with, and am still not too happy about.
I paid way too much for a bus that leaves only on set days, has no more comfort than the local ones, and can’t change anything about the quality of the roads. Nice thing they offer is this accommodation-booking. But the places they propose are, in my oppinion, not in the budget or style most backpackers travel in.

We have a big brunch at the market with the last of us. Eli [USA] who’s been here for a month doing voluntary work, has a big goodbyehug with the sandwichladies: such a heartwarming sight.
I have my first oreoshake, and that stuff is the bomb! Be sure to try it.
More goodbyes at the tuktukstop, and with Per [17, Fin] and Oli (the other Oli) [22, UK] I head back to Spicy to doze the day away. With the balcony being such a great hangout I’ve finally picked up one of the three books I brought: The Bookthief.
Young Per is getting on a bus straight to Pakse later this afternoon. Tomorrow morning Oli is catching a flight back to Chaing Mai, his last stop. He’ll be getting home soon, and is making plans for when he get’s there; a whole different mindset.
Home finally starts sounding like a far away place to me, and I’ve left all thought of studies and what I’m to do when I get back for what they are.

Today would’ve been my last chance to do the Big Mouse; a book club where they teach English and invite foreigners to come in and help out. Class starts at 9am though, and I didn’t make it again. Too bad: it would have been nice to actually do something useful for a change.

We make an attempt to visit The Doughnut Factory, but when we get there at 4pm they’re already closed.
It’s another Laotian home in a little alley -you can actually find it on google maps- where they show you the producing of those sweet treats and make a sort of attration out of it to draw attention. We’re told to walk down the street to find the cart they’re being sold at. And they are truly tasty.

Tonight is full moon, and I’m wondering if Luang Prabang has anything special planned.
Buddhist new years is in a few days, lasting a few days and celebrated with a lot of waterthrowing. I widness a headstart of that when taking a walk about in the afternoon. A few local boys were thowing buckets full on passing traffic.
Stupid that I booked my flight to Hanoi when I was still at home and didn’t take this into account. This holiday should be an absolutely must-experience! And now I’m going to miss it, as Vietnam is not a Buddhist country.

This evening I find a companion in the French –I honestly don’t know his name- a guy who’s been in the bed next to mine all this time, but spend all his time sleeping. He was sick, he explains.
Together we go over to Utopia for a drink, but like Spicy, it’s very quiet tonight. I run into some old acquaintances though: Veronica and Devon, who I met on the Gibbon Experience.
We say goodbye with “See you in Vang Vieng!”

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