Nong Khiaw recommended

As usual when I look up one of the incredible places I got a glimps of, now just in mind, a torn Lonlely Planet and online, I want to go back SO bad. With all the great impressions I got in those few months, and all my many adventures; there is so much I missed, due to time or budget.
Please make sure you wont make that mistake!

It was coincidental that I got to see this town. But I must recommend anyone who goes to Laos to at least spend a few days here!
I surely will go back to bring a longer visit!

Along the 1C you’ll find it, a small settlement named

Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang Province, Laos

– Transportation:
I came in and left with an organisation I booked with from back home. Don’t do that.
The town itself small enough to walk.
It should be easy to rent or hire a boat, a bicycle or a bike, with which you can explore neighboring villages.

– Do:
Services to go out trekking, rafting and rockclimbing shouldn’t be hard to find. I even saw something about tubing
Here’s something I wish I’d done: playing a game of petanque (the traditional and still popular French ball game that excites even those who can hardly walk anymore) with the locals. Across from the post office you should find a playing court.
Going to the cinema is another one I’m adding to my list.

– Sleep:
Sunrise Guesthouse (cross the bridge then take a left – twin at 80.000 kip) has the sweetest bamboo huts, with balconies -and hammocks- to the riverside. A great place to watch sunset from!
There’s a diner where you can order your breakfast and have kittens playing all over your backpack.

[Take another look at this stunning town and how it’s revealed in the morning]

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