Bangkok recommended

I only spend two and a half days in total, half of that on a pre-booked trip, so I’m sorry to have little to recommend. One day I will be back to explore much further, I’m sure!

– Do:
Go in to the little alleys, explore what’s behind the touristic facades, follow your nose.
A few beautiful words of a close friend, wandering just like that:

Lost in Bangkok. Dark alleyways, hardly wide enough for my shoulders. A boxing ring under a bridge, stained dark brown. Bloodshot eyes that glare at me from the darkness. Take a left, take a right, I’m totally disoriented. And then I see him, dead eyes staring at the ceiling. Emaciated cheeks, mouth wide open, wearing a dirty shirt and a diaper. The spastic movements of his left leg the only sign of life. The tragedy of this man and the confinement of these alleyways make me claustrophobic. As panic sets in, the fresh breeze and the sight of the open waters of the river come as salvation. I have regained my bearings. – Jasper Coucke

I heard north-east of Koh San road you can find an area much less touristic, much more friendly, artistic and inspiring. Alas I haven’t had the opportunity to find it yet.

I was taken on a boat tour that showed me how green and swampy such a big city can be. I liked seeing such a different side to it.

Friends I met in Cambodia had taken the Greenleaf tour through Khao Yai National Park. Moved right to the top of my wishlist!

– Eat:
For the best padthai ever, go to the pier across from Wat Arun and find it just outside of the wooden mall.

– Drink:
Believe it or not, but I haven’t drunk a single glass in BKK.

– Sleep:
(don’t) I spend my first night in the Bangkok Center Hotel, a fancy place that probably charges way too much.

(don’t) A friend had recommended New Siam II. Looking at their site now, they don’t look cheap or backpacky, nor did they when I walked by that one time… Fine for those traveling in pairs though.

What would you recommend in Bangkok?

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