It’s happening!

31 days prior to departure – February 17

So I had another hard crack at the numbers and everything, and it was a near miss. But I can now say I am the proud owner of a ticket that will take me half way the other side of the world. It’s happening!
So here’s what I have planned for now:

18-03 flight# EK148 14.45 AMS – 23.45 DXB
flight# EK384 03.15 DXB – 12.05 BKK
19-03 12.05 arrival at Bangkok, Thailand
18.00 meeting G-Adventure group
20-03 overnight train to Chiang Mai
22-03 3-day hilltribe trekking Karen villages with G-adventures
27-03 making my way into Laos
28-03 The Gibbon Experience, 3-day ziplining through Nam Kan National Park
31-03 Straybus to Luang Namta
01-04 Straybus to Nong Khiaw
02-04 Straybus to Luang Prabang
07-04 Straybus to Vang Vieng
11-04 Straybus to Vientiane
12-04 flight to Hanoi, Vietnam
taking the train down to Ho Chi Minh City
21-04 making my way to Cambodia
22-04 Green Lion volunteering in Samroang; teaching English and community work (2 weeks)
12-05 making my way to Indonesia
14-05 LaPoint surfcamp Bali, Padang Padang (1 week)
22-05 making my way to Jakarta
04-06 flight# EK359 00.40 CGK – 05.30 DXB
flight# 147 08.25 DXB – 13.30 AMS
And that’s the end of it already.

Yes, I realize that’s a lot of planning ahead, but there’s also plenty of room for leisure. After all, plans are made to be broken. And since it’s my first big trip that far out there and all alone, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Anyhow, quite a lot of awesome if I may say so.

Right now it still feels so incredibly unreal – that finally it’s actually going to happen. No more daydreaming, no more question marks, no more far and distant future talk; just to-do lists, shopping and packing.
I guess it still needs some time to drop in to the full extend.

Tips and tricks are very welcome in the mean time. I still have a lot to find out about visa and vaccinations and all those details.

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