Is it happening?

35 days prior to departure – February 14

I’ve always been talking about making the big trip, usually putting it in Aussie. And last July conditions changed so that I decided to take a year off, stop talking about it but actually do it. In one crazy week I dropped out of art school, gave up my room in The Hague and moved to France for a summer job in Lyon.
I was going to come back in September and save up for a half year trip from January until June. But the job, and mostly Lyon were too great an experience to quit, so I ended up back in The Netherlands no sooner than the last day of 2011. All the while I’d begun looking at my options. It became obvious that I wouldn’t be able to leave for more than 3 months and would have to let go of expensive Australia. I traded it in for cheap Asia.
Still my budget was nowhere near the naïve goal I’d set. I almost gave up on the whole trip ever happening in 2012.
But last Monday I got my last paycheck from France, and it turned out they owed me a whole lot more than expected. ‘Just’ €1300, but suddenly things were looking up again!
So yesterday I went by the travel agency I’ve been mailing with, Kilroy Travel and we drew up a lovely little intenarary. Of course there are still some bumps to work out, and I still need to find some funding. But tomorrow is going to be booking day!
Suddenly it’s real, and darn close too! My flight is going to be in just another month?!

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