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– AUGUST 22, 2013
While I’m counting days, having given up my appartment to spend the last few weeks with my parents and my calendar is about to explode with friend to go see and things to do before I leave for indefinite, I still have 38 days plus the afthermath left to share with you from my previous trip. So I’m going to let go of my everlasting editing urge, in hopes of finishing the Anything-goes-Asia chapter before departing and starting the next.

– JUNE 14, 2013
And before you know it October 13th will come along and take me away again. Doing it all different this time, with just a one-way ticket and the open road before me. Leaves me with 4 months to get ready for a true vagabonding life and have my entire life fit into one backpack.

– APRIL 21, 2013
Enjoying a Cobra in the still fresh Dutch sun on my rooftopterras, while my best friend has resumed her musical career in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where another friend just joined her this weekend and yet another friend will be off to next month, it’s time for me to resume my Khmer tales.

– JANUARY 24, 2013
Again, a move is getting in the way of my every-other-day-posting. Sorry folks!
I’m being rewarded with a sweet rooftop terras and no more nagging downstairs-neighbor though. So things should only get more inspiring soon =)

– JANUARY 12, 2013
I got in touch with a VV buddy to see what’s really up with the ‘Vang Vieng is dead‘ we’ve been hearing.

– JANUARY 2, 2013
It’s not yet the many shots from Halong Bay, but at least I did finally sort through my Hue pictures and put them here.

– JANUARY 1, 2013
May 2013 bring you inspiration, travels, an open mind and the courage to do what you really want to!
A new year. Nothing really changes other than the end of the date listing. Still it seems to give us this sense of a new start.
I myself have taken upon a new project you’ll soon read more of.

– DECEMBER 27, 2012
rooftop bar hanoi
And before I realized, 2 whole weeks went by without a post. Go figure, what’s more important than the gifts under the tree; right – a nice, big piece of meat to fill the table. But no longer will work be an excuse.
Sorry I left you hanging guys! Ready to hop on the Vietnam train of tales again?

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